How to Determine the Cause of Your Back Pain

Back pain sufferers know only too well that relief is not easy to find especially when the pain is concentrated in the lower back.
Lower back pain is a problem a lot of people share and just don't know what to do about it. The spine is the conduit to many of our bodily systems like the endocrine system and the neurological system and when it is in pain that challenges the body in many ways.
Our first instance is to rush to our doctor but the reality is that the majority of instances of pain in the lumbar region can be alleviated through holistic health practises such as massage and exercise.
Common lower back pain tends to affect people between 30 and 60 and apparently, is as responsible for absence from work as the common cold. Recent research has shown that in a large percentage, psychological factors play a large role in absence due to back pain.
Questions to ask yourself when pain in your back presents itself are
  • Where exactly is it on my body (mark it)
  • When exactly did I first feel it?
  • Was it a slow pain or just there immediately?
  • Do I feel less pain in a certain position?
  • Did I 'strain' my back recently?
  • Is the pain moving down my leg or up my back?
  • Have I had this pain before?
These answers will quickly help your practitioner define the nature of your problem and help you to deal with it.
Practitioners who deal with pain of the back, spine, neck and shoulder are chiropractors, physiotherapists, masseurs and osteopaths. Each practitioner will have undergone professional training in their field and many will continuously update their skills at workshops and other training courses.
There are times when it is more serious. Here are a few instances where you may need an x-ray or other medical assistance
  • After a serious fall or car crash
  • After lifting or other strenuous exercise
  • In combination with a bladder infection - it may indicate a kidney infection
  • If it gets progressively worse
  • If the pain increases when you lie down
  • If you find you really can't walk
Any body pain is not easy to moderate and many sufferers simply rely on ibuprofen and other pain killers to reduce the 'swelling' and relieve the pain but this is not a long term solution.
If you suffer from spine related pain ask yourself some of these questions and consider some of the circumstances that could be creating your back pain before rushing off to a doctor. It may well be that a little TLC from your local chiropractor or masseur may just do the trick.


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